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Silly bananas!
United States
I've been an active member for a long time now. I'm very passionate about drawing and those sorts of artsy things. I really love weapons, particularly guns. I'm very proud that I can express my passion for both art and weapons on this website.

Current Residence: Southwestern Colorado (only during the school year)
Favourite genre of music: 80's pop/new wave, rock(punk/alternative/some metal), techno, country, some classical
Favourite style of art: Cutesy anime, or dark and twisted
Operating System: gas-operated, select-fire
MP3 player of choice: I'm not too big into MP3 players
Shell of choice: M406 antipersonnel shells, M576 buckshot shells, M381 high-explosive shells, M397 airburst shells
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I friggin' want it to be! D:<
Skin of choice: Does racial color really matter?
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny, Popeye, the red guy, Bender, the Two Stupid Dogs
Personal Quote: "All it takes is all you got." - My high school coach
  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel
  • Reading: The Shining by Steven King
  • Playing: Killing Floor, Tales of Symphonia HD
Hey guys, it's been a few months since my last journal update, and ever since I came back to school from my winter break, I've been more swamped than usual. The thing is, I'm actually planning on graduating college this spring, so I've really had to stay on top of my game the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to respond to all your lovely messages and posts, I'll be sure to sort through those in the next week or so! =P

My whole reason for updating now is to acknowledge my 10-year run as an active DeviantArt user, as it was exactly this time back in 2004 that I set up my DA profile (well maybe not EXACTLY this time, I may be off by a day, but that was so long ago those details probably don't matter xD). It seems like a lot of people really don't get all excited or make a big deal about being on DA for a certain number of years, but I can definitely say that for me personally, being an active member has been a surprisingly rich and rewarding experience in more ways than one! I guess I'm just being a little sentimental looking back on it, but I've made a ton of amazing friends as the years went on, and I've always had a certain drive to improve as an artist thanks to the support and inspiration I've been given all this time, regardless of how much I've grown and how much busier my social life has become.

Looking back on it, I initially wanted to join simply as a means of communication with one of my favorite fanfic authors at the time, who turned out to be a really kickass artist! Unfortunately, she deactivated her DA profile a few years ago, and I never did get a chance to really communicate with her. v.v But besides that, I've always loved drawing, and I figured DA would be a great outlet to display my artwork and get feedback. However, I was just a 13-year-old kid, and my style of drawing was SO different, it was basically a crude, cartoony-sorta style that lacked proper shading and proportions, and I used that style for a while because I was able to put out lots of simple drawings that way. I had so many of those drawings, but I only submitted just a handful of them, and that's because I was too ashamed at how unrefined my style was compared to all the amazing artwork I saw at the time. ^^; But like I said, that was one of the key drivers that motivated me to improve as an artist. ;)

I'll never forget the initial excitement of joining, and just the thought of putting my artwork out there. I think back then, I posted new deviations a lot less than I do now, but whenever I did, there was a certain thrill to it, and just the thought of communicating with others online was a completely new concept to me (again, this was back in 2004!!). Things were so different back then: The DA layout was archaic, and it was around that time that GeoCities got phased out, and websites like LiveJournal were the shit. Gosh, looking back on those sorts of things make me realize just how young I was, and how much I've grown up! x'D 2004 really was an amazing and memorable year for me for various reasons, and joining DeviantArt certainly played a part in that.:nod:

So who exactly IS GangsterLovin?? Well, looking back on all my old posts from way back in 2004 (at least all the ones that are still around) as well some of my later posts (2005-2007), I behaved much differently around here than I do now; I was very crude, blunt, outspoken, and just an all-around dumbass, and I'd usually make journals and posts with all these inside jokes which were completely out of context! xD As a matter of fact, my username "GangsterLovin" came from this stupid running joke between my brother and I at the time, and looking back on it, it was a really stupid idea for a username. I guess I could change it by upgrading to the Premium Membership to something more fitting for me now, but honestly, I'm gonna keep that username for nostalgic reasons. So looking back on it, GangsterLovin was just an emotionally-unbalanced 13-year-old punk kid who wanted a DA profile, haha! :XD:

As much as I've enjoyed drawing and posting deviations, and faving, and commenting, and all that art-related stuff, I'm especially happy with how close I've gotten with a lot of my friends and correspondents. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with some of my closest DA-buddies, but if anything at all, that just makes me happier to know that I've had the support of certain watchers over the years. :icondapling:, :iconxuhanshi: you guys have been loyal to me since we first started talking, and you both continue to show interest in all my posts. :iconxfannyx: die große Schwester aus DA, und die Erste die ich im Person getroffen hab (im Ausland nicht weniger!), und :iconcaellean: mein anderer deutscher Kumpel und Freundin, danke für eure Unterstützung und Freundschaft über die Jahre. <3 Having German friends like you all have helped me put my foreign language skills to use on an regular  basis. ^^ :iconcharitybecker:, my "DA mother," who continues to inspire me and be my creative role model. :iconxchancex:, you became one of my best friends and like a younger sister to me. :iconnotrace:, my Scandinavian brother, and you :iconbigmansco: a creative mentor and inspirational fan artist. :icong0ldfishl0ve:, I can never thank you enough for agreeing to that first photoshoot and really getting me into cosplay, our love of Silent Hill really helped pave the way for an amazing friendship, you're like the childhood friend I've never had. Recently, I've continued to meet some great artists like :iconbliss-whitely: and :iconherebedragons2014:, I look forward to getting to know you guys more. =]

I'd love to thank :iconiggyhazard:, though he's not really active anymore, but for being such a fun and informative friend and role-model to me since I was still a kid (and for always answering my firearm-related questions), and of course :iconb0nkers: for her longstanding friendship as well as continuing support in my personal and artistic life. I think most of all, I wanna say thanks to :iconauriond:, my oldest friend and watcher, I can't thank you enough for your patience with me back then and putting up with my nonsense and immaturity, you've been such an artistic role model to me all these years, and I really hope we stay in touch. I've had the privilege of befriending at least four of my closest DA friends in person now (soon to be five), and if I could, I'd love to meet each and every one of you. :)

What can I say? I'm a pretty sentimental guy! x'D But seriously, I probably wouldn't be online anymore if it weren't for all the amazing friends I've made, some of which are like family. I know I left out a few other friends too, but I rarely see them online, and we just haven't communicated that much recently. :/ But regardless, I'm thankful for EVERYONE who's made these ten years on DeviantArt a pleasant experience for me. Sometimes I wonder what some of my older watchers who I no longer correspond with are up to. :hmm: Hehe, well here's hoping for another successful 10 years on DA!:w00t:

If anyone actually took the time to read this entire journal, than I'm very impressed! xD Since it is my 10-year anniversary, I thought I'd share some of my memories on DA, so I apologize if this post was pretty long. =P

Alright guys, I gotta get some sleep, I still got a few weeks left in my last semester, then I'll be headed home from college! God bless, I love you guys! :thanks:


(I'll get back in to drawing once classes settle down)

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Random thought: DA is infested with stupid kids, that we both know. Is it just me, though, that I would rather take the stupid kids over an infestation of pompous blowhards like 'our friend' (euphemism to avoid drawing his attention - the obsessive cosplay hater)?
Haha, I know what you mean, man. Honestly, I can easily say that I'd take some of these stupid kids over snobs like that guy you told me about.
HereBeDragons2014 Mar 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks kindly for the favorite! :D
Null-Entity Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Danke for faving  Man :)
Bitte sehr, sir! :D As always, awesome job!:w00t:
HereBeDragons2014 Feb 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank ya for the fave! :D
My pleasure, buddy! :D
How's life on your end? I've noticed the bad weather (rain combined with the cold that's arrived all across the states) actually seems to have kept the resolutionaries out of the gym for now.
How's it going, bro? Things have been pretty hairy lately what with the new semester and all, but hey, that's life right? =P Yeah, it's gotten really cold out here lately, but we haven't had much snow surprisingly. Haha, I'm glad to hear the rough weather has been working in your favor, though! :)
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